Is your water pressure too high?

I recently had a customer who was having widespread pluming issues throughout her home. She had replaced the valves in three toilets, as well as the inlet valve in her dishwasher. I replaced the hot water inlet valve in her clothes washer, and she was complaining of pipes banging. I went and performed a water pressure test and found that her water pressure was 95 psi. Normal operating pressure should be in the 50-75 psi range, anything higher is just abusing your plumbing system and wasting water. I found that the house did have a pressure reducing valve, which is the device that controls the water pressure coming in. This valve appeared to have failed, and was causing the rest of her plumbing to take a beating. After replacing her faulty pressure reducing valve and setting the pressure to 75 psi, the pipes no longer bang and the appliances are less noisy. This should protect the appliances in the home for years to come and keep the repair costs down. The lower pressure will also help control water usage. If the pressure is too high then every time a faucet is opened the water comes rushing out and the volume of water becomes much higher than if the pressure were lower.

If you have toilets that run all the time or water pooling give me a call before more damage is done!