Wall Mounting TVs

Technology has finally come far enough that we no longer need to fight with television sets that can weigh a couple hundred pounds. Now we have TVs that generally weight less than 75lbs. With this advancement in technology it is now possible to hang your TV on the wall and eliminate clutter in your living room, bedroom or anywhere else you have or want a TV. The trickiest part about wall mounting a television is deciding what to do with all of the "boxes" (cable, satellite, streaming, gaming, or sound system). Luckily there are numerous products on the market that can help with just that problem. There are shelves that you can mount on the wall which will handle all of the TV service or gaming devices but doesn't really help with that massive sub-woofer that comes with a sound system. Ideally you would want the sub-woofer to be placed on or as close to the ground as possible to allow it to attenuate the low frequency sound waves that it puts out. For homeowners with sound systems, it usually makes sense to have some sort of credenza or low cabinet to house all of the equipment. Whichever solution you choose, the wires can be hidden inside the wall which gives the appearance of a floating TV and an upscale feel to the room. I can help you decide which setup is best for you as well as implement whatever solution you decide to use. Give me a call today and we can go over the options.