Here we had a case of a Robin making it's way into a bathroom vent and making a nest. Something happened after the babies hatched that caused them to die and make a terrible smell inside the house. After removing the section of duct and cleaning up the mess, the smell went away.

This is my water heater in my house. The age of the water heater was "unknown" when we bought the house but after 8 months in the house it sprung a leak.

Here's the before and after of the trailer lettering. Thanks to Fastsigns on Erie for the great service.

Here's some pictures of a siding repair that turned into whole wall repair. The rain water had been getting down behind the siding for years before the homeowners installed gutters. The damage was all the way down to the framing due to the house wrap being installed incorrectly. I built it all back up and put the house wrap on correctly to avoid future issues. That teamed with the gutters will ensure that wall will be problem free for years to come. I also cut in a couple new 4" vent hoods for the gas fireplaces. The existing hoods were not installed well and the piping had fallen off of them inside the wall, This was allowing the off gases to make their way back into the house and the squirrels to make their home inside the wall. Plenty of work went into this one but I'm proud of how it turned out.

Some shutter replacement and shutter addition shown here. Sometimes the simple things make a huge difference!

This was a fun project. My daughter was having trouble getting around the yard in her new birthday gift from Grandma and Grandpa. The hard plastic wheels just didn't have enough traction so I went and got some mountain bike tires and screwed them on. She can go everywhere now!

Here's a little trim and drywall work in this beautifully pink garage.

You can see the black on the insulation indicating that air is moving through the wall. This is where vapor barriers can help.

Duct tape has many uses but drywall isn't one of them!

This step was too big for the homeowner and too big for NYS code. I added another step to ease the transition. I built them in the "L" shape to help the flow of traffic as you come in from the right side. The homeowner decided on pine for the material and that they wanted to do the staining so I left it all prepped and ready to go.

Here is another siding job that was located about 4 houses down from the last one. However, these homeowners did not make out as well as the last. After tearing through the rot that looked very similar I came across carpenter ants. These are about the worst thing you can find since they can cause damage deep within the structure of the home. I advised the homeowners that I was not equipped to deal with this level of damage and suggested they contact a structural repair specialist. I made sure to seal everything up as best I could with plastic before leaving.

Here we had some gutter issues. The roof had been replaced and much of the asphalt stones had rolled into the gutter slowing the flow of water. The roof is pretty big and channeled quite a bit of water down the valley that then crashed into the gutter and the 90 and would splash out onto the sidewalk. I believe these small repairs will help channel the water down the downspout and away from the house.

Damaged fence, I was able to reuse most of the slats and piece it all back together.

This homeowner converted his first floor heating from electric baseboard to a natural gas forced air furnace. When the house was built they knocked holes all over the place to install the heaters. I was able to patch everything up so it looks like new.